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Свадьба в Батуми с юридической регистрацией брака

Marriage hall in Batumi ‘Dolphin’, Georgia

In this Batumi Wedding Palace, legal registration of marriage with a ceremony is held. The wedding palace is located in the center of Batumi near the Sea. Minimalistic glass design in a dolphin shape is an original place for your legal marriage. Marriage registrations in this registry office are held every day from 9.00 to [...]
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Регистрация брака в Грузии, Батуми или Тбилиси для граждан любой страны мира

Legal marriage in Batumi, Georgia in 24 hours for foreigners

Legal civil marriage abroad for international couples for citizenships of any country. Faster and easier then in other countries. Just passports and you’re wife and husband.

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