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Дом бракосочетания в городе любви в Грузии, Сигнахи, регион Кахетия

Signagi Marriage Hall – city of love, Georgia

The Wedding House in Sighnaghi was created for your romantic wedding day, which will remain in your memory for a long time. Sighnaghi is the city of love, the city of "Million scarlet roses", which, according to legend, were presented to the French actress here by a poor artist, and Alla Pugacheva sang a song [...]
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Свадебная церемония в горах Грузии

Wedding in Mountains of Georgia

We're here to help you make everything with excellent taste and smoothly to let you enjoy the moment - Your wedding in mountains! Create your dream wedding ceremony! You can estimate approximate price of your wedding. We'll communicate with you and send you exact price as here are a lot of options we can't fill [...]
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Winter wedding Ceremony in mountains with legal marriage

Wedding ceremony in Mountains – One day

Have you ever dreamed about fairytale where you'll be a main character? Have you ever dreamed about wedding ceremony surrounded with snowy peaks? It's so unique and memorable. It's time to say about love and openly declare your promise to one another. Offsite wedding ceremony in Georgia is an something special & touching for you. [...]
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Регистрация брака в Грузии, Батуми или Тбилиси для граждан любой страны мира

Legal marriage in Batumi, Georgia in 24 hours for foreigners

Legal civil marriage abroad for international couples for citizenships of any country. Faster and easier then in other countries. Just passports and you’re wife and husband.

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Legal marriage Georgia country

Legal marriage in Georgia, Tbilisi

Legal marriage in Georgia country it’s easy & fast! In 1 day you’re wife & husband!

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Marriage in Georgia

Wedding Hall in Tbilisi “Konka” №1

Your legal wedding ceremony could be held in this pretty tbilisian hall with traditional Georgian balcony. Marriage house located in Old town of Tbilisi. It's near the beautiful Shavteli street and the Rezo Gabriadze theater. Also located nearby is the luxurious hotel Tbilisi Ambassadori and the oldest church of Tbilisi - Anchiskhati of the 6th [...]
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