Tbilisi, Georgia

$670,00 $469,00

Ceremony type
  • Legal marriage
  • Old Tbilisi
  • Wedding Hall
  • For all Countries
  • Good for two

Official marriage in 1 day – it’s reality!
Without preparation. You’ve found the best Country in the world to marry.

In case you would like to marry fast, without this exacting burrocracy, we can help. This special offer for you.  

This offer includes

Свидетельство о браке Грузия
All Documents
  • Full support & counsulting
  • Translation of documents into Georgian from English (maximum 5)
  • Marriage application
  • Providing 2 witnesses if you do not have yours
  • Marriage registration
  • Translation of the marriage certificate into English and apostile/legalization
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You can choose one of the Wedding Houses in Tbilisi for the ceremony or marry without ceremony in Justice House(see the links below):

  • House of Justice at the specialist’s table
  • Wedding Hall in Justice House (extra fee)
  • Wedding House No. 1 Konka (extra fee)
  • Mtatsminda Palace (extra fee)
Трансфер для свадьбы Грузия
  • Transfer for application
  • Transfer on the day of marriage registration
  • Required documents:
  • Foreign passports of the bride & groom
  • Foreign passports of witnesses, if your have
  • Divorce certificate, if before one of you was married and the birth certificate of children, if there are minor children together
Not Available
Tour type: Specific Date
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
Location: Tbilisi