Gudauri, Georgia



  • Forest
  • Mountains
  • River
  • Waterfall


  • Beautiful ceremony
  • Legal marriage
  • For all Countries
  • Optimal price range

We’re here to help you make everything with excellent taste and smoothly to let you enjoy the moment – Your wedding in mountains!

Create your dream wedding ceremony!

You can estimate approximate price of your wedding. We’ll communicate with you and send you exact price as here are a lot of options we can’t fill all them here 🙂

We’ll marry you in Georgia quick and easy legally.
Excellent professionals will come from Tbilisi to make you look perfect. Transfer and offsite work are included.
With breathtaking moutain views!
Perfect stylish natural flowers for you at your wedding day! Delivery to your hotel
English speaking Host will make this moment romantic and special with or without your vows. Transfer from Tbilisi is included.
In style and colors you’ll choose. Included: Arch or other decorations from Natural flowers. Transport from Tbilisi, offsite work of florists, montage/demontage
We’ll drive you comfortably and safely
It will make your wedding ceremony look like fairytale. From 1 to 4 musicians
Rent, delivery, montag/demontage
Furshet with wine/champagne and snacks / $20 per person
Good menu with alcohol. We’ll create menu together. Approx. $50 per person
We care every detail and will create your special wedding design
Filling and look according to your taste, with delivery in fridge from Tbilisi. From 15 pieces/ 2 floor from 30 pieces
Host will lead dinner so all guests will feel attantion and engagment. Transfer in muntains from Tbilisi is included.
Special place for special photos! It could be your names or related to your personalities
We’ll care every detail! Preparing and coordination, payments to all professionals, timing, transport for planners, ring box and so on