Wedding hall in the Justice House of Tbilisi, Georgia

Place to marry in Tbilisi with legal ceremony
Location for
  • government wedding ceremony
  • legal marriage
Views & Surroundings
  • Mountains
  • Old town Tbilisi
  • Palms
  • For all Countries
  • for GCC countries
  • for Israel citizens
  • for Philippino
  • for romantics
  • for Russians
  • for UAE residents | citizens

Here, you can have an official ceremony with the Government of Georgia. The modern hall is located in the center of Tbilisi, in the House of Justice (Public Service Hall of Georgia). We can organize a legal ceremony for you and prepare all the necessary documents and translations within 1-2 business days. Marriages in Georgia are recognized in all countries around the world. We have welcomed many guests from the UAE and Israel, USA and other countries so you can finally become husband and wife, legally, fast, and easily! ❤️

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How much is legal marriage registration in Georgia?

We do everything you need to get married. It’s easy and fast here!

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Civil Legal Ceremony
Ceremony includes - separate hall, exchanging rings, music, government representative with Georgian speech (planner will translate), bottle of champagne. You'll need min. 1 day for application and 2d day for Marriage.
First Marriage for you?
If it's not first marriage, we'll translate your divorce certificate into Georgian language
Apostille stamp with English translation
For countries who are Member of Apostille Convention 1961: Europe, Israel, India, Philippines, USA, Saudi Arabia and other
Embassy Legalization Stamp
Must have for UAE and Qatar
Legalization Stamp with English translation
For UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon and other countries who are NOT member of Apostille Convention
Make your day special 🤍
Price: $ 390.00
Personal coordinator, who help you with all process for legal marriage on the place, planning, all bookings, translations of passports, 2 witnesses if you'll be only two in Georgia. Marriage applying & registration are included.
Price: $ 0.00
City for marriage in Georgia
Consultation Legal marriage in Georgia
We are experts in the field of the legal marriage in Georgia and will help you to register your marriage easily. It doesn't matter where you're from. We'll send you a detailed cost estimate.
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