Flawless Organization

We will arrange for you a Wedding, Church Wedding or Event in the most beautiful & cozy place of Georgia. Symbolic & legal wedding ceremonies for two or with guests, Church Wedding and other events.

Best Professionals

Stylish Floristry from fresh flowers for your happiest moments of life!
Makeup & hairstyle from the best specialists in Georgia in different price categories. Luxury cosmetics and strict adherence to hygiene standards.
We will select for you a photographer whos approach to art shooting will be close to your soul.

Best Price Guarantee & Quality

You can find specialists cheaper, but we work only with trusted professionals and provide high-class services, your feelings on the wedding day are important for us.

Top Wedding Destinations in Georgia


Mountains & a lot of georgian vineyards located approx. 150 km from Tbilisi

Wedding in Tbilisi

Fascinating city with heartwarming atmosphere

Wedding in Kazbegi

Wedding in mountains of Georgia it's something special. Fresh & awesome. This places are created for photos and filling the heart with harmony 💚 Stunningly beautiful mountains with snow-capped peaks, georgian wine and good service! 🗻 Located apprx. 2,5 hours from Tbilisi.


It's near to Kazbegi. Mountains, a lot of amazing georgian mountains... White in winter and extremly green in summer! Great landscapes and hotels for wedding ❤️