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Official marriage in 1 day – it’s reality!
Without preparation. You’ve found the best Country in the world to marry.

In case you would like to marry fast, without this exacting burrocracy, we can help. This special offer for you.  

International lawyers advise to come to Georgia to get married, as there is a simplified procedure. This is especially true for international marriage. A marriage concluded in Georgia is recognized in all countries of the world: in the CIS (according to a simplified scheme, only notary translation is required), in all countries – you’ll need legalization or apostille, which we will make for you fastly. Combine travel to Georgia and marriage registration: Georgian cuisine, wine, beautiful landscapes.

You’ll save yourself from bureaucracy and long waiting times when registering a marriage. Also UAE and Israel, where sometimes it is simply impossible for foreigners to marry. All you need is to come to Georgia and get married. We take care of the entire organization, you just have to enjoy the moment, each other and the beginning of the journey into a happy family life with the official status of “husband” & “wife”!


Enter the details below and find out the price of your marriage registration in Tbilisi:

This offer includes

Свидетельство о браке Грузия
All Documents
  • Full support & counsulting
  • Translation of documents into Georgian (passports of couple and witnesses)
  • Marriage application
  • Providing 2 witnesses if you do not have yours
  • Marriage registration
  • Translation of the marriage certificate into English/Russian and apostile or legalization
  • Sending by mail your marriage certificate in your country or issue in Georgia

In case you have divorce certificate or joint minor children, you should also provide this documents. We’ll translate it in Georgian language.

Marriage in Georgia

You can choose one of the Wedding Houses in Tbilisi for the ceremony or marry without ceremony in Justice House (folllow links below to see photos):

Without ceremony: 

With ceremony: 

Marriage in Georgia

We know what we do and love it. You don’t know us yet and to create trust between us we promise to give you 100% money back if you will not marry in Tbilisi.

Required documents:

  • Foreign passports of the bride & groom
  • Foreign passports of witnesses, if you’ll have (we can provide)
  • Divorce certificate, if before you had been married
  • Birth certificate of children, if you have joint minor children 

Cost of marriage registration in Georgia

We do everything you need to get married. It’s easy and fast here!

Stamp from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia to legalize marriage abroad
+5 working days
with stamp of Apostille or Legalization by Georgian Government
Georgia has wonderful authentic wedding halls
According to your preferred style and colors
Capture a historic moment! Ceremony and walk in Tbilisi
We work in two cities of Georgia. Price is equal.

All you need for marriage registration in Georgia is already included! We’ll care about everything.