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The House of Justice in Tbilisi is a universal center where you can get any document quickly. They submit an application for marriage registration and conduct an official registration of marriage for citizens of any country in the world. There are two types of legal marriage registration: in an daily atmosphere at the specialist’s table without a ceremony or in a fest atmosphere in a separate room for an additional fee. The cost of a wedding in a festive atmosphere on weekdays and weekends is different – more expensive on weekends. Registration of marriage is in Georgian language but many registrators speak English or Russian. For a beautiful ceremony in your language, good option is to invite a Master of ceremonies (The host) from outside. You can also officially formalize your relationship anywhere in Georgia by calling an offsite registrar.

The shortest term from filing an application for marriage registration to the marriage certificate is about 3 hours. If you are planning wedding ceremony better to marry in 2 days – 1 day to apply and 1 day to get married. Legalization or apostille for marriage certificate requires form 1 to 8 working days. In case we’ll be your planner, we can make apostille|legalization without your attendence.

For the CIS countries after marriage, you only need a notarized translation of the certificate into the language of your country, in accordance with the Minsk Convention of 01.22.1993. Russian citizens only need to translate the marriage certificate from Georgian into Russian at a notary. This can be done instantly as we know good translators and notary. Anyways is better to make an apostille or legalization (see countries that recognize apostille). Be sure to think in advance in which countries you may need to present a marriage document and prepare all translations and documents in Georgia so that you do not request or send them by mail later.

In the end, I would like to summarize information about marriage in Georgia:

Stages of marriage registration in Georgia and Documents

1. Submission of an application at the House of Justice or through representatives (you need to send a power of attorney and copies of the passports of the couple and witnesses, possibly additional documents if you had your first marriage and have minor children)
2. Official registration of marriage without ceremony or with ceremony in the selected location – Wedding hall or offsite
3. Legalization from Georgia’s side of the marriage certificate / apostille or simply notarized translation into the language of your country.

Places for official registration of marriage in Georgia (in ascending order of prices)

1. House of Justice – general hall or Hall for ceremonies (see photos below)
2. One of the Wedding Palaces. In Tbilisi – this is №1 ‘Konka’, Uznadze marriage Hall or Mtatsminda Hall.
3. Anywhere in Georgia – calling the offsite registrar. In case of registration of marriage in the Palace on Mtatsminda, the departure of the registrar and the rent of the Palace should be paid.

Timing for civil marriage in Georgia

If necessary, you can get married in the House of Justice in a casual atmosphere and make legalization / apostille / notarized translation in 1 full working day, 3 hours. It is more expensive. The optimal period is calculated based on your dates of stay in Georgia and the organizational moments of the celebration of your significant event.

You can simply register a marriage at the specialist’s desk and, after all the formalities, arrange a beautiful ceremony with a professional host with an arch, flowers and exquisite decor anywhere in Georgia. For example, among the majestic mountains. You will save on a offsite registrar from goverment. The term for legalization or apostille affixing is from 1 to 8 working days: urgent is more expensive.

We represent the agency for organizing weddings and events in Georgia Art Event Studio.

How to marry in Georgia for foreigner? The best process ever.

We’ll lead you thorough all process. It’s not necessary to read it 🙂 

Ok, if you’re interested here is step-by-step process:

1. You send your request to us and receive the preliminary estimate, familiarize with it and if all is OK

2. To pre-translate your passport into Georgian and to book the date of marriage, you should sign the estimate. An invoice will come to your email and then you make an advance payment of 100$ or 30% in case of additional services photo, make up and hair etc.

The rest you pay when you apply for the marriage registration.

3. After that we coordinate the day of the marriage.

4. Our coordinator will help you with everything: meet with you at the House of Justice on the morning of this day and a few hours later the SMS comes with the invitation for registration. You and the coordinator meet again and sign the marriage certificate.

5. Coordinator collects the marriage certificate and handles all necessary formalities.

6. Next day in the evening or later, depends on agreement you receive ready documents. Or we can send it by post in any country.


7. You apply for marriage in your countries and show your marriage certificate with translation and maybe Apostille/Legalization stamp we’ve put for you in Georgia. Your country inputs your data in systems.

That’s it! You’re wife and husband forever. Legally.

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